Hi, I'm Rosie. I live in London. My day job involves writing and research for Farnam Street. Any opinions on this site and any of my other platforms are my own and not necessarily reflective of my employers past or present.

Sometimes I do freelance work on the side. If you have an interesting project that might benefit from my skills, get in touch.

This blog is my hobby. Almost all the posts you see on this site start off as notes written to myself. A small percentage seem like they might be interesting to other people, so I share edited versions. Sometimes I write posts nearly every day, sometimes I don’t write much for months. I’m trying to keep things a bit more consistent.

I am currently a top writer on Medium for the topics: mental health, creativity, life lessons, books, writing, art, and self improvement.

I contribute regularly to the Creative Cafe, The Startup, The Post Grad Survival Guide, and The Ascent. I used to write for other publications but currently focus on Medium as my main platform. The best way to get access to everything, with no paywall, is by signing up for my weekly newsletter.

I've blogged since I was 13. In the early days, I was more involved in the lifestyle/fashion space and got involved in some fun stuff since then including: shooting a book cover, having a clothing brand that will not be named steal one of my posts and put it on a t-shirt, having content featured by brands like Kanken and Doc Marten, working with PRs from brands like H&M, and connecting with lots of wonderful people. In the long run, the tiny blog I started in eighth grade led to my current career.

People sometimes ask if there's a way to donate directly to this site. The answer is no, I don't accept donations on here. But if you've really enjoyed something I've written and would like to say thanks, you're welcome to buy me a second-hand book on Amazon and I'll be very grateful. The Medium paywall helps cover the cost of sending postcards to subscribers and other costs.


Here’s 9 disjointed things about me:

  1. I read a lot (i.e. 10-16 books per month, with my record being 100 back when I was at school.) Each month I publish a round-up of the books I’ve read.

  2. I have a cat called Patti (after Patti Smith) and she’s a demonic little fluffball. (April 2019: sadly Patti no longer lives with me. Sad face.)

  3. I like: black coffee regardless of quality, EB Garamond (my favorite font), Lamy pens, exploring a city with my camera, notebook and no plans, reading a book in one sitting, Doc Martens, the sound of the harmonica, plants, getting tattoos, coconut milk, train journeys, linen, cashews, hemp hand cream, canals and Paris.

  4. I dislike: spicy food, crowded places, loud music, watching movies or TV, beer, unwanted notifications, social media, regret as a concept, too much sun, buying clothes, uncomfortable shoes, brushing my hair, elevators, bananas, running, soya milk, flossing, slugs and long flights.

  5. My Myers Briggs type is INTJ and yes, I know it’s unscientific.

  6. My favourite places in the world are: Regents Canal and the National Gallery  in London (and Kew Gardens and Camden), the side streets of Venice, Christiana in Copenhagen, all of Paris, the desert outside Tel Aviv, and a mediocre park in my hometown.

  7. I'm a minimalist. Sometimes I’m vegan. My lifestyle is always in flux so please don’t assume what you read in a blog post from a year ago is still relevant. Sometimes people email me questions about posts I don’t remember writing.

  8. Music-wise, I mostly listen to Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst’s other work. Sometimes I also listen to Mother Mother, July Talk, Pulp, Flatsound and a few others.

  9. Film-wise, I mostly rewatch the same few on an endless loop: Harold & Maude (my favorite), Yellow Submarine, Pulp Fiction, and Notting Hill for when I need something mind-numbingly comforting. I watch about one TV show a year, with The Good Place being 2018’s favorite.