Hi, I'm Rosie.

By day I write about finance and economics. By night I write eclectic essays on philosophy, living, creativity and more. I live in London and have been on this planet for two decades.

My favorite things are: books, my cat (Patti, after Patti Smith), Conor Oberst's music, flowers, Moleskine notebooks & Lamy pens, and art galleries. 

I am a top writer on Medium for the topics: books, art, mental health, creativity, and travel. I've previously written for/ been featured in The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Start-up, The Ascent, Elle, Creative Cafe, Sunday Mail, The Westenberg Report, Post Grad Survival Guide, and others. I've blogged since I was 13 and been involved in some fun stuff since then including: giving a TEDx talk, shooting a book cover, having a clothing brand that will not be named steal one of my posts and put it on a t-shirt, having content featured by brands like Kanken and Doc Marten, working with PRs from brands like H&M, and connecting with lots of wonderful people.

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