Hi, I'm Rosie.

I live in London. I'm 20 years old.  By day I write about finance, economics and tech-y stuff. By night I write eclectic essays on philosophy, living, creativity and more.

My favorite things are: books, my cat (Patti, after Patti Smith), Conor Oberst's music, flowers, Moleskine notebooks & Lamy pens, and art galleries. 

I am a top writer on Medium for the topics: books, reading art, mental health, creativity, and travel. I've previously written for/ been featured in The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, The Start-up, The Ascent, Elle, Creative Cafe, Sunday Mail, The Westenberg Report, Post Grad Survival Guide, and others.

I've blogged since I was 13 and been involved in some fun stuff since then including: giving a TEDx talk, shooting a book cover, having a clothing brand that will not be named steal one of my posts and put it on a t-shirt, having content featured by brands like Kanken and Doc Marten, working with PRs from brands like H&M, and connecting with lots of wonderful people.

People sometimes ask if there's a way to donate directly to me to support my work. The answer is no, I don't accept donations on here and this site doesn't make any money. But if you've really enjoyed something I've written and would like to say thanks, you're welcome to buy me a second-hand book on Amazon and I'll be very grateful. 

You can get in touch below.


I don't have comments on this site and I don't use social media, so the best way to get in touch is by email. I reply to pretty much all of the emails I receive here within a fortnight. 

Whether you have an enquiry, feedback, a request for a post, question, recommendation or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you. 

(Please read the section below first about what not to send me. If it's clear that you haven't, your email will be marked as spam and deleted. )

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Please do send me:

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  • Pictures of your pets (that always makes me day)
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  • I sometimes reference people I know in real life. When appropriate, I change identifying details or use composites, in order to respect their privacy. If you think I'm writing about you, you're probably wrong.