A Stoic Perspective On Work/Life Balance

Hence the tremendous value of Stoicism: it is a philosophy that deals with everyday life. A philosophy which provides instructions for the mundane stuff, like dealing with petty, obnoxious people, avoiding distractions, for keeping a handle on your emotions during a confrontation.

Monotony Collapses Time; Novelty Unfolds It

When we stick to a routine and do much the same each day, time seems fleeting.It is only the deviations from a routine which stick in our memory and slow down our perception of time. The more new or unusual things that happen on a given day, the longer it appears to last. It's a basic idea, yet one which is easy to forget.

The Virtues of Solitude

We communicate constantly, sharing everything. We build our networks and work on relationships to the point that we lose touch with ourselves. But solitude is valuable - for our happiness, productivity, and even for our relationships.