Fragments : essays on minimalism (PDF)


Fragments : essays on minimalism (PDF)

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Minimalism is an alluring concept. It sounds exciting radical to turn away from a life of mindless consumption, towards one of serenity and meaning.

It can also be quite overwhelming to take the plunge and become a minimalist. The internet overflows with 'lifestyle porn' blogs, promoting a fabricated, idealistic way of living a so-called simple life, which isn't relevant to more than a handful of wealthy people in glamorous cities. I am writing this to illustrate that minimalism is suitable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Your age, income, profession, family and hobbies do not exclude you. Nothing is required except for an open mind and a willingness to change. 

This book covers a range of areas related to minimalism, including:
- The basics of decluttering
-The future of minimalism
- How to declutter your digital life
- The benefits of minimalism
- How many items a minimalist can own
- The 5 things which make people fail at minimalism

This book consists of a collection of essays, designed to be dipped into when you need some inspiration.

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