Smart Reading: a guide to getting more out of books (PDF)

Smart Reading: a guide to getting more out of books (PDF)


I have always loved books more than anything else. Most of my life has been a process of figuring out how I can spend the maximum possible time each day reading. As a child, I spent every day of school waiting until the teacher’s back was turned so I could sneak into the library. My favorite days were the ones when no one noticed I was gone, and I could stay there until home time.  At 8, I remember a librarian berating me for borrowing books and returning them a day later. She said there was no way I could actually be reading them. 

It was only fairly recently that I realized not everyone feels the same about books. When I talked to other people my age, more often than not they explained that they ‘just don’t read.’ Or that they had only ever read when forced to for school. When I started doing an English degree, I was shocked by how many of my peers thought the reading lists (which required us to complete a book a week) were excessive.

I decided to turn my writings on the topic- plus new ones- into a super comprehensive post (with an accompanying ebook.) This is a guide to smart reading: reading more efficiently, remembering what you read, understanding complex books and enjoying it all. It covers the techniques I have developed myself, and those I have learned from others. This ebook is a compilation of everything I have learned from 14 years of devoting every available moment to reading.

I have written this for anyone who wants to read more but finds it difficult. Or for anyone who feels they are ‘bad’ at reading; too slow, too forgetful, too indecisive

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