I'm posting this here as a form of accountability and so I am reminded of it every day.  This is not a vague list of things to do some day- I plan on completing at least one per month and doing everything here by the time I am 25. I wrote it a few months ago and am including the things I have already ticked off. 

If there's something here you have experience with or advice about, let me know!

  1. Give a TED talk
  2. Write an ebook - done September 2016
  3. Publish a Kindle book - done Febuary 2017
  4. Get a deal for a physical book
  5. Publish a physical book
  6. Move out - done September 2016
  7. Work for a start-up I care about
  8. Go to Denmark (Copenhagan)
  9. Go to Austria
  10. Go to Lithuania
  11. Go to Russia
  12. Go to Germany (Berlin)
  13. Go to Venice (and see the places from The Thief Lord)
  14. Go to Yellowstone (and see a wild bear)
  15. Go to Thailand (Chiang Mai)
  16. Go to China
  17. Go to Japan
  18. Go to New York
  19. Go to Paris- done July 2016
  20. Take a spontenous flight (planned less than 24 hours in advance)
  21. Be on a podcast
  22. Own under 100 items
  23. Take a meditation class
  24. Have lilac hair
  25. Get my 7th tattoo
  26. Design and release a notebook
  27. Get a dog
  28. Get a pet skink
  29. Get a pet goat
  30. Build a running habit (counts after 30 days) 
  31. See Conor Oberst live - done Febuary 2017 (best night of my life)
  32. Meet a musician I admire - (Gareth from Los Campesinos) done November 2016
  33. Attend a gallery opening
  34. Be a paid speaker
  35. See a fenec fox - done August 2016
  36. Complete French Duolingo course - done August 2016
  37. Have a full conversation with someone in French - done August 2016
  38. Complete German course on Duolingo
  39. Have a full conversation with someone in German
  40. Complete Hebrew course on Duolingo
  41. Have a full conversation with someone in Hebrew
  42. Have a mentor
  43. Be a mentor
  44. Spend a month in Paris
  45. Have an agent
  46. Quit smoking (Counts after 1 month)- done January 2017
  47. Quit sugar (counts after 1 month)
  48. Interview someone I admire
  49. Make a short film
  50. Invest
  51. Grow this site's newsletter to 1000 people - done February 2017
  52. Grow this site's newsletter to 5000 people
  53. Grow this site to 25,000 visitors a month - done January 2017
  54. Grow this site to 50,000 visitors a month - done Febuary 2017