Running this site takes hundreds of hours a month. I have given up a lot to be able to do this - TV, social media, my social life, sleep. Almost every night you will find me working away until I’m exhausted whilst my friends are out clubbing. That scares me sometimes. I have sacrificed many things to be able to bring you a new, exciting essay every few days. And that’s okay, because writing is what I am passionate about. Ideas matter and spreading them matters even more. I also shoot and edit all my own pictures - you won't find any boring stock photos of women laughing over salad. Ever. 

Passion alone is not enough to keep this site going, however. My big goal for 2017 is to make my work here financially viable. I could do that by filling my site with ugly adverts, but that’s not my style. Advertising sucks and no one likes it.

The internet is awash with meaningless articles and clickbait designed purely to earn advertising revenue. Let’s make a little space together for carefully written, thought provoking posts. Let’s make a place for people who care about the way they live and believe in getting a bit better everyday. Let’s spread the message of minimalism and intentional living. I know that you, and the thousands of others who read my work each week, believe in that too. 

If, like me, you believe in the power of quality content, then consider making a pledge. For the cost of a cup of coffee each month, you will be helping me to take the next step towards my dream. That would mean more than I can even put into words. I want this dream to be sustainable and every dollar you pledge will make that possible.

If you would like to make a monthly donation and receive bonuses (including additional content and access to hundreds of pages of my private notebooks), that can be done via Patreon. 

If you would like to make a one off donation, that can be done via Paypal.

If you are not in a position to make a financial contribution, remember that simply reading my work is enough. I know that there are millions of other blogs you could be reading right now, so I don't take it lightly that you are choosing mine. Should an article be valuable for you, feel free to forward it to someone who might feel the same. 

Here's where donations go:

  • Hosting and server costs. These are more expensive than you might expect.  Plus, I need a robust server to handle traffic spikes without crashes which drive me crazy.
  • Photography costs (equipment, editing software etc.) I shoot and edit all my own pictures, which is pricey though I think it is so worth it. You have probably seen enough stock photography on other sites to last a lifetime, so original pictures are a breath of fresh air. 
  • New projects- Youtube videos and other more exciting content. I have had lots of requests for this and would be able to start producing videos with your support. 
  • My time- As Stephen King said, I write for love but love doesn't pay the bills.  I have to be able to support myself and your support will mean I can invest more time into writing.